MBB Faculty working in the field of Neurochemistry & Molecular Neurobiology

Robert Brenner photo
Robert Brenner
Associate Professor- Department of Physiology
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD photo
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD
Eileen M. Lafer, PhD photo
Eileen M. Lafer, PhD
Molecular Machines Involved in Vesicular Traffic
Bruce Nicholson, PhD photo
Bruce Nicholson, PhD
Professor and Chair
Intercellular communication through gap junctions - targets and molecular tools in combating diseases from cancer to deafness.
Mark Shapiro photo
Mark Shapiro
Professor- Department of Physiology
Physiology, regulation and functional role of ion channels of excitable cells.
James Stockand photo
James Stockand
Professor- Department of Physiology
ENaC and alldosterone signaling
David Weiss photo
David Weiss
Dean, Graduate School
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